Friday, January 11, 2013

COURTENEY COX Reveals Secrets to Looking Young

Courtney is one of those who subscribes to the water method.The idea is that plenty of water keeps the skin moist and the tissues fleshed out and rounded. However if you're gonna go this route then there's something you've gotta know - and not just where all the available restrooms are. In this case it's that excessive water intake can upset the body's electrolytic balance.

Electrolytes are the mineral salts like calcium, potassium, and sodium (salt) that help make muscle and nerve function possible, among other things. Drink too much water and you can wind up secreting too many of these in the usual ways - sweat and piss. That can lead to some physical problems like muscle weakness or twitches, jerks, and cramps. In extreme cases you can even get some heart or brain swelling.

This is why athletes are careful about their water intake during training or competition. Drink too much during exertion and you speed up the mineral loss process and can run into trouble. Boxers for instance will take a swing from the water bottle between rounds and then spit it out. Other athletes opt for Gatorade. Gatorade ain't just a gimmick but contains the necessary mineral salts required to preserve the body's electrolytic balance.

So if you're gonna go that 18 glasses of water a day route then be sure to squeeze in a few tins of V8 as well, to maintain health as well as youth. Now what other gossip blog gives you this kind of useful shit???

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