Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Avril Lavigne - Hello Kitty (Official)

Avril Lavinge has a new video out and it has a heavy Hello Kitty theme to it (Avril is hugely big in Asia). See for yourself!


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Inspiration for Borat discovered?

Maybe sometimes you've asked yourself how really talented comedians get their ideas. Take Sacha Baron Cohen for instance. How could he have possibly come up with the crazy Kazakhstani character Borat? Sure it gave him a chance to social critic many of the prejudices many people still have, or only recently got rid of. Yet how could he have put that in such a colorful form? We may never really know, but possibly he laid eyes on soemthing like this, and perhaps while seriously stoned.

picture courtesy of PlaidStallions

If that's not Borat then it's his long lost brother. You'd have to see him in an acid green shoulder slung jock strap - like Borat a the beach, to be sure.

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Miranda Kerr for Reebok

Miranda Kerr traded in Victoria's Secret for rival Wonderbra. Now she's featured in a new Reebok ad. She looks kinda hot in in too! Here's a peep at that courtesy of popoholic!

More pix over @ popoholic!

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James Woods Slams Pres Obama

James Woods has said that he will probably never work in entertainment again. That's because he's been publicly critical of President Barack Obama. Now he wasn't really clear about whether the backlash would come from the President's Office, or from a liberal consensus among Obama supporters within the entertainment industry. What he is clear about is he feelings about the present administration - which he has reiterated in the following quote - courtesy of

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