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Diabetes Brain - 2016 Fall Edition~ - Diabetes Stories

 on Sep 27, 2016  

Diabetes always has a way of creeping into other areas of my life like a weird word association game sometimes. Sometimes funny, sometimes not at all. Sometimes it makes no sense, other times, Diabetes Brain makes perfect sense. Also, I'm weird. 

1. Went to check the daily totals on my insulin pump this morning, instead I reached for my iPhone and punched in my security code, then sat here looking at the screen for 10 seconds before I realized I’d picked up the wrong device. TRUE STORY.

2. Whenever I look at food posts on Instagram and Pinterest, I immediately wonder the carb count, then I start calculating the carbs. Then I start to wonder about the fiber count and I go down the diabetes food rabbit hole.

3.Speaking of food. I recently realized I haven’t bought orange juice in years. 
Yep, totally D related and having to do with hitting the Orange Juice Wall when it comes to treating lows.

4. When I check into hotel rooms I automatically put my diabetes low stash on the nightstand. 

5. Sometimes when I’m in the middle of a conversation and fiddling with my insulin pump near a table or a counter, I check my pump, place it on said table or counter, and then go back to the conversation. 
And 9 times out of 10, when the conversation is over or I need to grab something from another room, I walk away and bungipumping ensues. 

6. Random but true: I kid you not, I cannot remember the last time I drank beer. 
Beer requires too much math so I stick to wine or vodka with club.

7. Lately I’ve started to throw out my used test strip as soon as I’m done with it. WEIRD. 

8. Sherlocking diabetes on the TV. 
Watched a rerun of Rizzoli & Isles a few weeks ago, even though I’d seen it before.
 It was an interesting episode because the murder victim had diabetes. 
D was not the COD, but the murder had an intimate knowledge of D
And even though I’d watched it before, I still felt let down when it became clear that the writers of R&I tried, but don’t quite succeed re: diabetes reality as a plot line. 
Still, it was a good attempt. The episode didn't spread D myths or falsehoods, but they were off off the actualities of living with diabetes. 
Seriously, what 30 something D adult female carries a log book and takes copious notes re: food and blood sugars every time she pricks her finger?  OR am I projecting? 
Also and spoiler alert: If someone secretly replaced insulin in my pump with something other than insulin, I would have known something was up because I would have felt like shit because of high blood sugars and all that goes with them. 
I would have tossed out the insulin in my pump - and I would have been correcting with injections after I switched out my reservoir. 
UNLESS....  what if hypothetically, R&I's victim ( a PWD, even though she's completely made up fictional character in a fictional television show, I'm still compelled to get into her head,) was worried about throwing out the insulin because it's so f*v$ing expensive? 
That's a very true reality for many.

9. Speaking of insulin, the price of insulin and diabetes related supplies and costs keeps me up at night. This is nothing new nor is it even slightly amusing. 
It’s scary and it’s real and I know I’m not the only one who feels this way. 

10. Re: Smart insulins , (aka insulin with a brain) is on the horizon for those us who require insulin to live - and that's great - I'm all for having access, using and utilizing smarter, faster, insulin. 
But I struggle to pay for the "dumb insulins" that available to us now, so how the hell will I be able to afford the smart ones? 

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Diabetes Brain - 2016 Fall Edition~ - Diabetes Stories

Diabetes Brain - 2016 Fall Edition~ - Diabetes Stories 4.5 5 Fathin Ammar Sep 27, 2016 Diabetes always has a way of creeping into other areas of my life like a weird word association game sometimes. Sometimes funny, sometimes n...